The Best Way for INFJ and INFP Writers to Work with Fictional Characters

When writers are first learning the Intuitive Writing method one of the immediate shifts that happens is the way they work with characters. Instead of characters existing to serve you, you exist to serve them. This can be hard for intuitive writers to do, initially. Most of us are so used to assuming that we “decide” what our characters do, and their motivations and choices should come from a place that makes logical sense for the story.

Well, in the Intuitive Writing method we don’t assume that we know what is best for the story, or that deciding what our characters should do is necessarily helpful. In Intuitive Writing, we let the characters take the lead and set the pace. We concentrate on building our emotional connection with them. Our creative process shifts from achievement-oriented (trying to finish our book as fast as we can) to relationship-oriented (focusing on the characters and letting go of expectations).

What’s surprising to most writers when they start using the Intuitive Writing method is how quickly their characters begin to open up and share information with them. Suddenly, it feels like they’re downloading scenes and storylines and all sorts of good stuff.

It all comes down to asking one key question, and then identifying one key thing about your character. Once you ask this question and identify this thing, your relationship with your characters is never the same again.

I detail both of these items in the video below:

My video course, Intuitive Writing, deals with these complicated character problems, how INFJ and INFP writers should approach them, and more. If you found this video helpful, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the whole course. You can get it here (and it’s deeply discounted to only $50 USD due to Covid):


A lot of people have asked me how the course differs from my book, The INFJ Writer, and I can tell you that, although the two can work as a complement to each other, they are entirely different sets of teachings, so just because you have one, doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from having the other!

Lauren Sapala is the author of  The INFJ Revolution, a guide to identifying and dissolving the roadblocks that hold back INFJs, INFPs, HSPs, and empaths from finding and living their life purpose, and  The INFJ Writer, a writing guide made specifically for sensitive intuitive writers.

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