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I’m Teaching at the Online Gathering of the Creatives with Julia Cameron!

One of my favorite events every year is the Gathering of the Creatives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was pretty bummed when I had to cancel my travel plans for it this year.

But then, I got super excited, because the Gathering is still happening—AND I’m teaching a workshop as part of it—online!

I’m teaching alongside Julia Cameron, SARK, Jacob Nordby, and a lot of other creative leaders to offer a highly interactive weekend experience, all online.

In many ways this is actually a gift, because in past years I’ve heard from so many of you who wanted to come but couldn’t afford to take the time to travel all the way to New Mexico. Now you can join us without leaving your home, which is awesome.

Here’s the link for more info:


It’s all happening the weekend of December 4-6, 2020.

And you can click HERE to secure your spot now.

As you’ll see, this is NOT just another Zoom meeting. You’re going to be getting hands on with art, writing, poetry, and more. As Julia Cameron says, “Everyone is creative. There is no such thing as an uncreative person.” And we need you to come into your creative power at a time when the world is hungry for people who are awake, alive, and creating in their joy.

I sincerely hope that you can join with us and so many other creatives from around the world.

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

An INF Happy Ending

Today’s guest post comes from Sarah Terry. Sarah is a counsellor working in schools in the UK. She is also the author of “Inside the Teenage Mind” and hosts a YouTube channel where she gives mental health hints, tips and advice. Sarah also provides self-help online courses for a variety of mental health issues. You can learn more at

I discovered I was an introvert around eight years ago when I literally felt like I was going mad. I had even been to my doctor to ask about early menopause and would often cry for no reason, pushing away those I loved.

I was working in a busy, open plan office at the time. My managers sat on the same desk pod as me and I constantly felt scrutinised. Although this wasn’t necessarily the case, my interpretation of the environment was such that I felt like a hopeless goldfish, doomed to provide entertainment to all passers-by. I would come home from work and cry, unable to vocally articulate to my (extroverted) husband what I was feeling, much less why. Continue Reading

Intuitive Coaching Video Course Is Now Available!

The Intuitive Coaching course package is now available for purchase. You can get it here:


The price is $99.00 for the next five days (until October 6). After that it goes up to $149.00, so grab it at the lower price while you can.

I’m still taking questions about the course too, so if you have any, please send them to

And thank you everyone for your support, I truly appreciate it!

How Can I Feel Confident as a Coach Before I Start Coaching People?

I started coaching people over seven years ago, but I had wanted to start coaching people long before that. I read about coaching and thought about coaching and asked a few close friends if they thought I would be a good coach. I was running an in-person writing group at the time, and I knew I was already effectively coaching people one-on-one, within the group. I could see the evidence all around me. I had a passion for this dream and feedback from others that I would be good at doing it professionally.

But still, it was a few more years before I actually did it.

What held me back for so long? Continue Reading