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Most Introvert Writers Are Doing Social Media All Wrong. Here’s the One Big Thing They’re Missing.

I was on the phone with a client yesterday while we talked about her marketing strategy for her new book. She told me she was on Instagram and posted there regularly, but she found it draining and was also having a bit of anxiety about how present and available she was able to be on the platform. Readers had reached out to her with positive feedback about her book, which was great, but she was feeling the pressure to have conversations with all of them. As an introvert, this was quickly becoming exhausting.

Luckily, I’ve seen this very same problem countless times before with introvert writers on social media. The solution is one quick pivot in mindset about how to approach social media as an introvert author, and that one quick pivot changes everything. Continue Reading

The 3 Biggest Writing Problems for INFJ Writers

All writers have problems with writing at one time or another, but writers who are also of the INFJ personality type tend to have a very specific set of problems when it comes to writing. INFJ writers don’t always link these problems to their personality type, but each one of them is rooted in their temperament as intuitive, emotionally-centered introverts. Once the connection is made, that’s when the INFJ writer can begin to overcome them.

Here are the 3 biggest writing problems an INFJ writer struggles with: Continue Reading

The Link Between Childhood Trauma and Writer’s Block

Writer’s block comes in many different forms, but two of the most common types are procrastination and perfectionism. All writers struggle with one or both at some time during their writing life, but some writers struggle more than most, to the point where one or both of these conditions feels utterly paralyzing and the writer never finishes (or even starts) any creative project, ever.

For the writers who struggle with severe procrastination, or severe perfectionism, they also experience a sickening feeling of shame that accompanies the writer’s block that’s causing them so much trouble. They assume that they’re not motivated enough, or that they need to try harder, or “just get over it.” However, if the procrastination or perfectionism is of the severe type (and not just experienced occasionally or fleetingly), then the roots of the block go much deeper than most writers suspect. Continue Reading

Have Writing Anxiety? Intuitive Writing May Be the Answer.

Every writer I’ve ever worked with has specific anxiety trigger points that occur during different phases of the writing process. Some writers are the most anxious while writing the first draft, because everything feels chaotic, messy, and uncertain. Other writers love the first draft phase, but their anxiety kicks in when it’s time to edit. They’re afraid if they change things they’ll end up ruining the story.

Most writers assume that they have so much anxiety around writing because they don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re feeling pressure from the outside to perform or achieve according to someone else’s expectations. While this is true in some cases, it’s not the whole story. The deeper causes of the anxiety we feel as writers comes from the anxiety we feel in our lives overall, and this anxiety is a direct result of living in a society that feeds us the message that we should be in control of everything, at all times. Continue Reading

The Only 3 Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Need as a Writer

The biggest weak spot for most writers is marketing. Some writers hate all marketing activities, as they feel it’s just precious time taken away from their writing practice, and others are open to marketing but feel overwhelmed by all the advice on different marketing strategies to be found these days.

However, whether you’re a seasoned author or a total newbie who’s in the very beginning stages of building your writer platform, there are three things you can start doing right now that should be the cornerstones of your marketing method as a writer. Continue Reading