INFJs and Lone Wolf Syndrome

Many INFJ personality types describe themselves as a “lone wolf,” which means their preference is to keep an extremely small circle of friends, and not ask for help unless it’s absolutely necessary. This results in most INFJ personality types being not only self-sufficient, but also hyper-independent, and relying on this quality of hyper-independence to get them through life. Continue Reading

Why Do INFJs Always Play the “Medic” in Relationships?

INFJ personality types and INFP personality types are known for being natural healers. Both types possess strong empathy, compassion, and easily attune to the moods and needs of others. Because we have a temperament that is so naturally suited to healing work, we tend to attract people with wounds, and to be attracted to people with wounds. Usually, the more severe and unhealed the wound is, the more strongly we will be attracted to that person. Continue Reading

Why INFJs Struggle with Feeling Selfish

Most INFJ personality types struggle with feeling selfish all the time. It’s most often triggered when we think about expressing a preference, or getting help with meeting an important need. When we realize we have the preference or need, then immediately we have the thought right after that we are somehow being selfish. The thought that we are selfish then triggers guilt and shame and we go into avoidance about dealing with that preference or need. Continue Reading

My New Book on Intuitive Writing Released Today!

My new book, Writing on the Intuitive Side of the Brain, just released today and I’m so excited about it!

I’ve been working on this book for a few years, and it’s based on my most popular classes and video courses about intuitive writing.

I wrote this book with INFJ and INFP writers specifically in mind. It’s got lots of good nuggets of information on:

Balancing masculine and feminine energy in your creative practice

Dealing with anxiety in the writing process

Archetype work with characters

Working with characters with trauma

Memoir writing as a healing process

Intuitive writing in nonfiction

…and more.

You can get Writing on the Intuitive Side of the Brain in ebook or print:



I hope this book is helpful to your intuitive writing practice!

Lauren Sapala is the author of The INFJ WriterThe INFJ Revolution, and the creator of Energy and Intuition for INFJs, an online course for INFJs on intuition, relationships, creativity, and more. She is also currently offering a free copy of her book Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers to anyone who signs up for her newsletter. SIGN UP HERE to get your free copy.

Worried About Being Judged?

INFJ personality types tend to struggle with perfectionism, especially INFJ writers. When we struggle with perfectionism, we want to do everything perfectly, not only to satisfy our own inner critic but also to prevent others from judging us negatively.

The fear of negative judgment from others can affect our entire life. Why is this such a problem for some of us? Because it’s not just a worry, it’s an addiction to approval. This affects our writing, our creativity, and our entire lives. Continue Reading