Intuitive Writing Video Course




Intuitive Writing is a writing method designed for writers who:

Struggle to outline stories

Can’t finish stories

Start projects with enthusiasm but then hit a brick wall and give up

Suffer from severe self-doubt as a writer

Have a lot of fear around writing and worry they will not write their book before they die


If you’ve never heard of Intuitive Writing, I suggest you start with my 3-video mini-series:

Video #1: Why Traditional Writing Methods Don’t Work for INFJ and INFP Writers

Video #2: The Best Way for INFJ and INFP Writers to Work with Fictional Characters

Video #3: The 3 Biggest Psychological Roadblocks for INFJ and INFP Writers


The majority of intuitive writers are people of the INFJ or INFP personality type, although ENFJs and ENFPs can also be intuitive writers.


Intuitive writers usually experience very high levels of shame and self-judgment around their troubles with writing. It can almost feel like a “dirty secret” that they can’t share with anyone else. They often have difficulty even verbalizing what the problem actually is.


Intuitive writers usually have no idea that the problem is not them. They are not doing anything wrong and they are NOT a failure as a writer. The problem is that they have been using rational writing methods, which account for 99% of the writing methods found online and in academia today. It will not help to “try harder” using these methods which will never work for the intuitive writer.


The solution is to use the Intuitive Writing method.


The Intuitive Writing method is a practice I developed specifically for intuitive writers, based on my years of experience working one-on-one with hundreds of INFJ and INFP writers as a coach, and teaching groups of INFJ and INFP writers in online classes. The method is comprised of six key steps that lead to a real, sustainable Intuitive Writing practice.


When I offer my live class, I’m only able to take a limited number of students at a time, but I’ve received hundreds of emails from INFJ and INFP writers who are struggling with the same problems and are in a lot of pain over their inability to write or finish their stories. Due to the high demand of students who wanted to take my online class in Intuitive Writing, I decided to create a self-directed video course for writers to work through at their own pace, and that could be accessible to everyone.


The Intuitive Writing video course is designed to be flexible and convenient for those who have busy lives, a stressful schedule, or are already having difficulty fitting writing time into their daily life.


I talk more in the video below about why I developed the video course, and how it can become a total paradigm-shift for INFJ and INFP writers in the way they approach their creativity and writing:


How does it work?


The course includes:


6 Intuitive Writing Videos

Each key step to the Intuitive Writing method is contained in a 30-minute video. Videos can be accessed through download or streaming.


6 Intuitive Writing Workbooks

Each video is accompanied by a workbook, which summarizes the information in the video, and also includes exercises for writers to work through on their own time.


The Intuitive Writing Brain Map

A visual map of rational vs. intuitive writing for quick reference and inspiration.



What do the videos cover?



What Is Intuitive Writing?


An introduction to Intuitive Writing and how it differs from rational writing.


How masculine and feminine energy work in the Intuitive Writing process.


What to expect when you begin using the Intuitive Writing method.



Intuitive Writing In-Depth


How to know the difference between writing and editing for intuitive writers.


What the writing space feels like and how to make it work for you.


How the process of writing unfolds for intuitive writers.



Intuitive Editing In-Depth


How to know when you’re ready to edit, or if you need to go back to writing.


How to use the grieving process as a transition point to editing.


How the process of editing unfolds for intuitive writers.



Intuitively Working with Characters


How to let go of control and let your characters take the lead.


How to identify your character’s “connection orientation”.


How to work with your character’s archetypes to build a deeper relationship.



Dissolving Psychological Roadblocks of the Intuitive Writer


How to deal with characters who are too much “like you.”


How to explore your shadow side and integrate what you find there.


How to release family patterns and limiting beliefs to open up more creative space in your life.



Signs and Synchronicities


How to embrace your deeper creative connection with the consciousness of the universe.


How to use signs and synchronicities to soothe anxiety during the Intuitive Writing process.


How to bring all the elements of Intuitive Writing together into a cohesive whole.

Please note that this is NOT a live class. This is a self-directed video course that you work through on your own, at your own pace.


How Much Does It Cost?


The Intuitive Writing course is $50.00.

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