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Creatively Blocked? You May Be Trying to Use Your Creativity for the Wrong Reasons

Whenever I talk to a new client who’s come to me because they’re suffering the pain of blocked creativity, I start by drilling down into the values that motivate their creative life. In other words, the reason they want to be creative or have more creativity in their lives. Through this exercise with my clients, I’ve found that most of the time this remains a general, vague sort of idea to people who feel called to be writers or artists. We know we want to connect with our creativity on a deeper level, but when we examine why that is, we have a hard time coming up with answers. Continue Reading

Intuitive Writing Video Course $50 Until April 7

I’ve gone a bit silent on social media and email the past few days as I’ve needed to go inward and process all the intensity going on in the world at the moment. Here in San Francisco we got shelter-in-place orders starting at midnight Tuesday night so all of us are really feeling the new normal of “social distancing.”

I do believe everything that is happening right now is happening for a reason, even if that reason is not clear to us at this moment and/or we can’t imagine what it may be. I also believe our world is shifting in the biggest and smallest of ways, every little movement having a ripple effect on the whole complicated web we call life on earth. I think a lot of us, individually, are shifting right now too, and many of us are contemplating creative changes, career changes, relationship changes, and personal changes that we wouldn’t have given a thought to only two short weeks ago.

A lot of my fellow creatives out there are trying to help however they can by offering discounts on the tools and courses they’ve built to help people shift, and I’d like to be part of that. I’ll be discounting my Intuitive Writing video course from $149 to $50 for the next three weeks, until April 7, which is the day we’re all looking forward to in the Bay Area as the day we can hopefully resume somewhat normal life.

So, if you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, need a break from working at home, or you’re feeling that you need to reconnect with your writing and creativity now more than ever, check out my Intuitive Writing video course. I’ve put everything I’ve taught about writing for INFJ and INFP writers in there and you’ll definitely have some material to keep you occupied:


Stay safe everyone. I’m sending lots of good energy for everyone’s health and well-being.

Creative Power of Intuition Course Registration Is Now Open!

I just opened up registration for my new course, The Creative Power of Intuition. Sign up is now live:


I’ve heard from a lot of you who have said you are so in and so excited for this course, and that’s got me really excited.

I’m getting tons of email but I’ll be answering stuff all day, so please let me know if you have any questions or problems with sign up.

P.S. In case you missed it in the last video, this is the one and ONLY time I’m going to be offering this course. So if you’re feeling a big YES on this, jump on board while you can.

The Link Between Intuition and Creativity for INFJs and INFPs

Almost every new client who comes to me is interested in improving their creativity. And by that, I mean they want to be more creative, spend more time on creativity in their lives, and finish creative projects they’ve put on hold for months, sometimes years.

When I ask them what they think the problem is they give me a variety of reasons. “I don’t have enough time.” “I don’t know where to begin.” “I feel overwhelmed by the steps involved.” However, when we begin to dig down into the underlying emotional causes, we find that all those little reasons evaporate, and we’re still left with the big ugly problem: blocked creativity. Continue Reading

One Simple Way to Strengthen Your Intuition for INFJs and INFPs

Every INFJ or INFP I have ever met seems to suffer from anxiety, and the more I’ve studied this phenomenon, the more I see that it’s related to us being out of alignment with our intuition. In the first video of my 3-part video series on INFJs, INFPs and intuition (Are You an INFJ or INFP Suppressing Your Intuition?) I explain exactly how this anxiety manifests and I also give a quick exercise anyone can use to begin reconnecting with suppressed intuition. However, right after INFJs and INFPs do this exercise, another question (or rather, big fear) tends to come up: Continue Reading