The 3 Biggest Psychological Roadblocks for INFJ and INFP Writers

INFJ and INFP writers aren’t like other writers. For us, writing is an emotional process first, and an intellectual exercise second. But because most of what we find in writing craft books and online writing sources only approaches writing from the mental side of things, we find ourselves continuously at a loss on how to move forward.

Once INFJ and INFP writers begin using the Intuitive Writing method, their entire world changes. After that, they might still hit roadblocks, but now they have tools and strategies to use. Now they know how to handle it when the anxiety kicks in and it seems they’ve come to standstill with their novel or memoir.

In this third and final video in my series on Intuitive Writing—and why it works when nothing else will for INFJ and INFP writers—I talk about the 3 biggest psychological roadblocks intuitive writers hit during the creative process, and how to dig in and start dissolving them:

I’m releasing my Intuitive Writing video course TOMORROW, so please keep an eye on your inbox. I’ll be offering the course at a deeply discounted rate for five days only, and after that it goes up and stays up. So if you’ve been following this video series and you’re getting a “yes” from your gut and your heart and your mind on this, I do urge you to jump on it and get it at the discounted rate, it’s well worth it not to procrastinate on this.

I’m really excited about the release! So many INFJ and INFP writers have emailed me and contacted me to say that this is THE thing they’ve been looking for and I know it will be of help to so many.

Lauren Sapala is the author of  The INFJ Revolution, a guide to identifying and dissolving the roadblocks that hold back INFJs, INFPs, HSPs, and empaths from finding and living their life purpose, and  The INFJ Writer, a writing guide made specifically for sensitive intuitive writers.

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