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Intuitive Writing Course Is Now Available!

The Intuitive Writing Course is now available for purchase!

CLICK HERE for details

(I’m releasing it a bit earlier than scheduled this morning because I know a lot of you are waiting)

Please note that this is NOT a live class. This is a self-directed video course that you can work through on your own, at your own pace.

Remember…you have five days to get it for $97, but after that it will go up to $149, so please don’t delay. Here’s the link:

CLICK HERE for the Intuitive Writing Course

The 3 Biggest Psychological Roadblocks for INFJ and INFP Writers

INFJ and INFP writers aren’t like other writers. For us, writing is an emotional process first, and an intellectual exercise second. But because most of what we find in writing craft books and online writing sources only approaches writing from the mental side of things, we find ourselves continuously at a loss on how to move forward.

Once INFJ and INFP writers begin using the Intuitive Writing method, their entire world changes. After that, they might still hit roadblocks, but now they have tools and strategies to use. Now they know how to handle it when the anxiety kicks in and it seems they’ve come to standstill with their novel or memoir. Continue Reading

The Best Way for INFJ and INFP Writers to Work with Fictional Characters

When writers are first learning the Intuitive Writing method one of the immediate shifts that happens is the way they work with characters. Instead of characters existing to serve you, you exist to serve them. This can be hard for intuitive writers to do, initially. Most of us are so used to assuming that we “decide” what our characters do, and their motivations and choices should come from a place that makes logical sense for the story.

Well, in the Intuitive Writing method we don’t assume that we know what is best for the story, or that deciding what our characters should do is necessarily helpful. In Intuitive Writing, we let the characters take the lead and set the pace. We concentrate on building our emotional connection with them. Our creative process shifts from achievement-oriented (trying to finish our book as fast as we can) to relationship-oriented (focusing on the characters and letting go of expectations). Continue Reading

Why Traditional Writing Methods Don’t Work for INFJ and INFP Writers

Over the past seven years I’ve coached and taught hundreds of INFJ and INFP writers and I can say one thing with certainty: most traditional writing methods just don’t work for us.

The sad thing is, most INFJ and INFP writers think that the problem is with them, not with the approach they’re using. So, they end up feeling horrible about themselves and their writing. I can’t tell you how many intuitive writers I’ve talked to who have told me, “I guess I’m just not cut out to be a writer,” when nothing could be further from the truth. Continue Reading

99 Cent Winter Book Sale!

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To celebrate the Winter Solstice, I’m offering all three of my nonfiction books for INFJ and INFP writers for 99 cents on Kindle for the next three days. You can get them here:

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Happy Solstice everyone, and happy holidays!