Are You an Empath with Creative Blocks? This Is What’s Really Going On.

Empaths do struggle more with creativity and writing than other people, and empaths also usually do not understand why it is so hard for them to write and create. When they sit down to write they may feel scared or anxious, paralyzed, extremely distracted or even drowsy, and emotionally upset.

Despite these unpleasant symptoms that tend to occur for many empaths when they attempt to sit down and write, they still really do want to write. This creates a push-pull feeling that is extremely stressful.

What is really happening is that the empath writer consciously wants to write and create, but subconsciously their brain is trying to block them and shut them down. This happens because in childhood the empath writer was given the message that self-expression was not allowed. Whenever they tried to self-express in childhood this was threatening to their caregivers, and so they were most often shamed, mocked, diverted, and/or punished.

Now as adults, these types of empath writers are dealing with a nervous system that learned early on that self-expression equals a withdrawal of love. So, now, as an adult, the empath writer is wired in such a way that self-expression is linked to a fear of abandonment.

Consequently, whenever the empath writer sits down to write, the inner alarm system is triggered. This can be difficult to deal with, but there are ways to move past it.

I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m teaching an online workshop on this topic on Saturday, May 13, called “Empaths and Fear of Writing.” I’ll be teaching in-depth on why empaths experience so much fear around writing their stories, and how they can move past this fear so that they can not only write, but also share their writing with the world.

This class is only $25, it will be recorded, and you’ll get lifetime access to the recording if you register for the class. You can register here:


Spots are limited, so be sure to register ASAP. Also, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel here to get more videos for empath writers and creatives.

Please note: This is an introductory class to my teachings on procrastination, perfectionism, the inner critic of empath writers, and how to dissolve creative blocks. If you have already completed my YOU Are a Writer online course or taken other live classes with me on procrastination and perfectionism, then this class is most likely not for you, unless you want a refresher on my basic teachings in these areas.

I hope I see you in this class!

Lauren Sapala is the author of The INFJ WriterThe INFJ Revolution, and the creator of Energy and Intuition for INFJs, an online course for INFJs on intuition, relationships, creativity, and more. She is also currently offering a free copy of her book Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers to anyone who signs up for her newsletter. SIGN UP HERE to get your free copy.

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