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Are You a “Lonely Chameleon” Type of Empath?

Most empaths draw people to them naturally and have no trouble making friends. This is because empaths are excellent listeners and function as a safe space for others. However, empaths usually feel lonely in crowds, and in relationships.

A lonely empath experiences this feeling of loneliness in relationships because they often unconsciously adopt the mask of “the chameleon” when dealing with friends, coworkers, and social situations. Empaths are very good at reading energy, and they use their energy reading skills to anticipate others’ needs. Then they make personality adjustments based on those anticipated needs. So, empaths change their personality according to the people who surround them. Continue Reading

Empaths as the Constant Counselor

Most empaths are dissatisfied with their friend relationships. It’s not that we have problems making friends, although we might have issues with trusting people. The real problem we have in our friend relationships is that most of these relationships are one-sided. Continue Reading

Empaths and Chronic Fatigue

One of the main problems empaths suffer from is exhaustion, and because of this constant fatigue a lot of us live in a state of semi-seclusion. This goes beyond being an introvert and needing time to recharge. It’s more like living in hermit mode, all the time.

Some empaths also try to push through whenever they feel drained and keep working or socializing, because they feel that’s what is expected of them. This brings on a state of chronic stress and fatigue, and the empath feels like they never have the time or space to fully recharge. Social situations, other people, and demanding jobs drain empaths quickly, and this is extremely frustrating for empaths. Many of us feel like we can’t lead a normal life. Continue Reading

Are You an Empath with Creative Blocks? This Is What’s Really Going On.

Empaths do struggle more with creativity and writing than other people, and empaths also usually do not understand why it is so hard for them to write and create. When they sit down to write they may feel scared or anxious, paralyzed, extremely distracted or even drowsy, and emotionally upset.

Despite these unpleasant symptoms that tend to occur for many empaths when they attempt to sit down and write, they still really do want to write. This creates a push-pull feeling that is extremely stressful. Continue Reading

Why Empaths Struggle So Much with Writing

Most empaths have trouble writing, and this trouble comes down to the issue of fear. The fear is rooted in being terrified of what others will think of their writing. Empath writers are usually afraid that other people will not think their writing is “good,” or they will be offended by something they’ve written, or they will think they are stupid or thoughtless, or they will be angry that the empath wrote about family history.

The root of the fear is that the empath believes that when they put their writing out into the world, other people will not like it or will not approve of it. This is rooted to a belief almost all empaths struggle with, which is, “I am responsible for the reactions and emotions of others.” Continue Reading