Are You a “Lonely Chameleon” Type of Empath?

Most empaths draw people to them naturally and have no trouble making friends. This is because empaths are excellent listeners and function as a safe space for others. However, empaths usually feel lonely in crowds, and in relationships.

A lonely empath experiences this feeling of loneliness in relationships because they often unconsciously adopt the mask of “the chameleon” when dealing with friends, coworkers, and social situations. Empaths are very good at reading energy, and they use their energy reading skills to anticipate others’ needs. Then they make personality adjustments based on those anticipated needs. So, empaths change their personality according to the people who surround them.

Sometimes the empath uses their chameleon energy to become complimentary to the other person’s energy, and sometimes they use it to function as a mirror and reflect the other person’s identity back to them. This makes other people want to be around empaths because they feel validated in who they are and what they believe, just by being in the presence of the empath. However, this causes the empath to feel lost. Much of the time we question who we really are and what we really want. We might not know our actual needs, our true desires, or what we want out of life.

I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m teaching a new class all about this topic. It’s called “Empaths and Boundaries” and it starts on Wednesday, May 31. I’ve heard from so many of my clients and students that boundaries are one of the biggest issues they deal with as they navigate life as an empath, that I knew I had to create a class on this. I’m super excited for this class, as I think it’s going to open up some really big shifts for people.

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I would love to see you in this class!

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