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Are You a “Lonely Chameleon” Type of Empath?

Most empaths draw people to them naturally and have no trouble making friends. This is because empaths are excellent listeners and function as a safe space for others. However, empaths usually feel lonely in crowds, and in relationships.

A lonely empath experiences this feeling of loneliness in relationships because they often unconsciously adopt the mask of “the chameleon” when dealing with friends, coworkers, and social situations. Empaths are very good at reading energy, and they use their energy reading skills to anticipate others’ needs. Then they make personality adjustments based on those anticipated needs. So, empaths change their personality according to the people who surround them. Continue Reading

Empaths as the Constant Counselor

Most empaths are dissatisfied with their friend relationships. It’s not that we have problems making friends, although we might have issues with trusting people. The real problem we have in our friend relationships is that most of these relationships are one-sided. Continue Reading