Many empaths experience extreme fear around writing their stories—whether they are writing fiction, memoir, or creative nonfiction/personal essay. Many empaths are also confused as to why they experience so much fear around creative self-expression. This fear leads to severe procrastination and writer’s block, two conditions that it is very difficult for empath writers to move past when they don’t understand the root cause of the problem.

It is also difficult for empath writers to begin to heal their anxiety around writing, because there is very little information online about this problem, and hardly any information on strategies to overcome it. We will be covering all this and more in this workshop.

This workshop is for empaths who:

Want to write, but also suffer from major creative blocks


Are afraid to share their writing with anyone or put it out into the world


Experience feelings of paralysis when they sit down to write


Experience feelings of high anxiety / fear when they sit down to write


Are confused about why writing is so hard for them

**Please note: This is an introductory class to my teachings on procrastination, perfectionism, the inner critic, and how to dissolve creative blocks.


If you have already completed my YOU Are a Writer online course or taken other live classes with me on procrastination and perfectionism, then this class is most likely not for you, unless you want a refresher on my basic teachings in these areas.**

What’s the Format of This Workshop?

This is a virtual workshop on Zoom happening on:


Saturday May 13 from 1:00pm – 2:30 pm EST


What’s Covered in the Workshop?

The root causes of the fear empaths experience around the act of writing


The limiting beliefs responsible for holding empath writers back


The often-overlooked cues from the body that affect your writing output


The mindset shift we need to make to begin to heal writer’s block


How to deal with an aggressive inner critic


How to prevent constant self-sabotage

For a more in-depth look at what we’ll be covering in this class, you can check out these two videos:

Play Video
Play Video

This workshop will be recorded and made available for streaming after the event. Registrants get lifetime access to the recording.

What’s the Cost?

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