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Are You an Empath with Creative Blocks? This Is What’s Really Going On.

Empaths do struggle more with creativity and writing than other people, and empaths also usually do not understand why it is so hard for them to write and create. When they sit down to write they may feel scared or anxious, paralyzed, extremely distracted or even drowsy, and emotionally upset.

Despite these unpleasant symptoms that tend to occur for many empaths when they attempt to sit down and write, they still really do want to write. This creates a push-pull feeling that is extremely stressful. Continue Reading

Why Empaths Experience Extreme Fear Around Writing Their Stories

Years ago, when I was a struggling alcoholic 20-something in Seattle, my secret dream was to be a writer. But, I couldn’t write. Every time I sat down to try, I was blocked. And not just blocked, but extremely blocked. I felt panicky and anxious, or numb and frozen. I literally could not write one word, even though I thought about writing all the time.

I assumed something was really wrong with me. If I wanted to write so badly, then why couldn’t I write at all?

It wasn’t until years later, after I had joined a silent writing program and finally been able to write my first novel, that I understood what was actually going on with me. The answer was clear, and yet it’s something I still see so many writers struggling with, and just like me, they have no idea why they are struggling so much to write. Continue Reading