Do I Need a Solid Business Strategy, or Can I Just “Wing It”? (INFPs Listen Up!)

Through my work I come into contact with hundreds of highly intuitive, highly creative people who want to work for themselves as writers, coaches, and/or teachers. They are rock solid on the fact that they want to help people, and they know they have excellent skills as counselors and listeners. They can feel that they have so much to express inside that wants to come out.

But then they get stuck on the “business” part of it all.

The thought of coming up with a business plan or a business model deflates all that juicy creative energy, fast. And that’s where almost ALL of these people get stuck, sometimes forever.

There’s this belief that you have to do things a certain way, an assumption that if you don’t have a “solid business strategy” then you won’t get anywhere. But I can tell you from experience that this simply isn’t true. It goes beyond the fact that there is more than one right way to do things. It’s about moving outside of conventional thinking. Breaking out of the traditional mold of how we approach service, work, and business.

The thing is, creating your business isn’t a goal to be accomplished. It’s a relationship to be nourished. It’s not a one-way street (your work = money). It’s a magic circle (your work nourishes you with creativity and life force as you use your gifts to nourish the world with love and service). Once you shift your belief systems and mindset about what is possible, and most especially, what is possible for YOU, everything changes.

I talk more about all of this in my third and final video answering questions about my new video course, How to Launch an Online Creative Business. I outline the reasons why the things we intuitive people think hold us back from creating our own business, are actually our greatest advantages:

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Lauren Sapala is the author of  The INFJ Writer, a writing guide for sensitive intuitive writers, and  The INFJ Revolution. She is also a writing coach for writers of the INFJ and INFP personality type.

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