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The Easiest Way to Unblock Your Creativity

When was the last time inspiration hit you? When was the last time you were in the flow state with your writing? For many writers, the answer to both of these questions is either, “a long time ago,” or, “I can’t even remember.” Although all of us strive to tune into our creativity and enjoy the writing process, sadly, this is a reality for very few of us.

What most writers don’t know is that there is always something specific blocking our creativity. Usually, we’re asking ourselves one particular question that not only interrupts our flow, but disconnects us entirely from the creative process. This is when we end up in a situation where we’re reacting to the creative process out of anxiety, instead of responding to our own creativity in the present moment. Continue Reading

Why You’re Failing at Writing

Failing is a strong word to use when we talk about writing, mostly because writing is an ongoing journey, and so it’s almost impossible to say that we’ve “failed” at it. However, this doesn’t change the fact that many writers DO feeling like they are failing at writing. Continue Reading

The 3 Biggest Self-Sabotage Traps for Writers

In my last article, Still Putting Off Your Writing Dreams? How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Start Writing, I talked about how common it is for writers to self-sabotage themselves. What I’ve discovered after working with hundreds of writers over the past decade as a writing coach is that self-sabotage usually takes a very specific form with creative people.

There are 3 self-sabotage traps I see writers fall into all the time, and what makes it so difficult to get out of these traps is that, on the surface, they seem logical. Each trap is a belief or statement that the writer makes to themselves, or a goal they set for their writing, that seems like it will move them forward. However, each trap does the complete opposite and only blocks the writer from making any progress at all. Continue Reading

Here’s One Quick Secret Writers Can Use to Conquer Self-Doubt Forever

Do you constantly compare yourself to other writers?

Do you set goals for yourself as a writer and then somehow fall short of them every time?

Do you start new writing practices full of enthusiasm, but then sooner or later you dread sticking with it?

If you’re like so many other writers out there, the answer to these questions is sadly, “yes.” And every time something like this happens to you, you end up in a pit of despair, right? You question yourself, your writing talent, and your ability to make your dreams happen. Continue Reading