The 3 Biggest Self-Sabotage Traps for Writers

In my last article, Still Putting Off Your Writing Dreams? How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Start Writing, I talked about how common it is for writers to self-sabotage themselves. What I’ve discovered after working with hundreds of writers over the past decade as a writing coach is that self-sabotage usually takes a very specific form with creative people.

There are 3 self-sabotage traps I see writers fall into all the time, and what makes it so difficult to get out of these traps is that, on the surface, they seem logical. Each trap is a belief or statement that the writer makes to themselves, or a goal they set for their writing, that seems like it will move them forward. However, each trap does the complete opposite and only blocks the writer from making any progress at all.

I talk about the 3 biggest self-sabotage traps for writers in detail in the video below:

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I’ll be releasing the last video in this series in just a couple of days, about the single worst thing a writer could do if they’re serious about success. In the meantime, you can contact me here with any questions.

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