Are You an Unhappy Writer?

It seems like it would be easy to know if you’re an unhappy writer, right? But it’s a little trickier than just asking yourself how you feel. A lot of writers who are deeply unhappy with themselves, their writing, and their writing lives overall, actually don’t even know how unhappy they are. They’ve been unhappy for so long that it just kind of feels normal to them now.

This was me for a long time.

For many years I didn’t write at all. I was definitely unhappy, but I didn’t actually know how unhappy I truly was, because I had never known anything different. Sure, a long time ago, when I was a kid, writing had felt fun to me. But by the time I hit my late teenage years it had become hard and painful. Every time it felt like an uphill battle.

I’m teaching a new, live class this May called “The Joyful Writer” and I’m really excited about it. This is a lighter, brighter class than any I’ve ever done before. We’re going to be shifting ourselves from that unhappy writer state where we feel shut down, hopeless, confused, lost and alone, to a much happier place where we feel joyful, excited, supported by others, and part of a community of other writers who will celebrate all the steps along the way with us.

I talk a bit more in-depth about what it feels like to make this shift in the video below:

If this sounds like what you’re struggling with as a writer, then keep an eye out for the next video in this series, which will be released in another day or so. If you’re not already on my newsletter list, make sure you don’t miss it by signing up here:


And if you have any questions about the class before it launches, please feel free to contact me here so we can get those questions answered.

See you soon with the next video!

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