Are You an Overthinking Writer?

I’ve worked with hundreds of writers over the past eight years and one of the most common problems they report to me is overthinking. They might overthink the idea of their story, how the characters should act, who’s going to read their memoir, if they’re writing their book in the right format, or a dozen other things.

One thing is for sure, when a writer starts to overthink things, the writing goes downhill fast. This is because most of the creative “problems” that arise with writing are not issues that you can think your way out of, and this is so hard for so many people to grasp because we live in a society that tells us that thinking is the answer to everything. And if you’re truly stuck about something, well, you just need to think harder.

But thinking harder doesn’t get us anywhere. In fact, it only makes us feel more paralyzed, more stuck and frozen and scared, and more hopeless.

The key is to approach the whole “writing problem” in a radically different way.

I’m teaching a new, live class in May called “The Joyful Writer” and we’re going to be learning all about this radically different way to approach writing so that we can let overthinking go forever. I talk more about it in the video below:

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And if you have any questions about the class before it launches, you can contact me here. I’d love to answer anything you send my way.

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