Is There Such a Thing as a Non-Intuitive INFJ?

INFJ personality types are known for being one of the most highly intuitive personality types across the MBTI personality system spectrum. However, there are many INFJ personality types who struggle with intuition, whether that’s because they don’t know how to access it in everyday life, or once they do access it, they struggle to trust it. When an INFJ severely struggles with accessing or trusting their intuition, they may consider themselves “non-intuitive,” and feel cut off from that part of themselves.

Because intuition is such a core function of the INFJ personality type’s function stack, it’s essential that INFJs who struggle with intuition learn how to access this part of themselves and use it to help them move forward in life. One of the main reasons that a “non-intuitive” INFJ may struggle with intuition is because they were raised in a household where their intuitive ability was never validated or reflected back to them, and they were strongly encouraged to not believe in their own intuition and rely on their thinking function instead. These types of INFJs grow up leaning very heavily into the logic and thinking side of life and they can experience deep fear around letting go of control and surrendering to their intuitive nature.

I talk more about this in the video below:

For an INFJ personality type (or INFP personality type) to truly thrive in life, they must take steps to develop their intuition and connect with it on a daily basis. I’m teaching a FREE class all about this topic this Saturday, February 17. It’s called Intuition for INFJs and INFPs and anyone who registers for this free class will not only get access to the class while it’s happening, but will also receive the recording afterward, to be viewed at any time.

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I’ll see you soon with the next video in this series: When INFJ Intuition Doesn’t Work.

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