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3 BIG Signs You Can Trust Your Intuition

Since most of my clients are either an INFJ personality type or an INFP personality type (and every single one of them is an empath) I often get questions from them about intuition. They want to know how they can access their intuition, how they can increase it, and how they can understand it better. Because even though these types are born naturally intuitive, we live in a society that does not encourage intuition, or intuitive types. Our surrounding culture is almost solely focused on figuring things out through rational thought, i.e., thinking and problem-solving.

Intuition does not work in this way. It’s not like brainstorming. It’s not a conscious mind activity, although you can use the conscious mind to get yourself more comfortable with it. Something else that greatly helps is knowing what you’re looking for. If you have some idea of the clear signs that accompany intuition then you can more fully relax into receiving it. Continue Reading

Why So Many INFJ and INFP Writers Have Problems Using Their Intuition in Writing

The INFJ personality type and the INFP personality type are two of the most intuitive personalities on the spectrum, and they are also the two types most likely to be creative writers. However, it can be particularly difficult for both INFJ and INFP writers to access their intuition while writing. This is unfortunate, because once an INFJ or INFP writer can begin tapping into their intuition while writing, they will almost always experience greater creative flow and a better experience writing.

The reason most INFJs and INFPs have problems using their intuition while writing—which is such a strong, natural skill for us—is because intuition is not valued in our culture. We live in a society that is heavily skewed toward the rational, logical side of life. Anything that comes across as intuitive, emotional, or vulnerable is feared in our culture, and usually denigrated. Of course, the intuitive side of life is also strongly connected to feminine energy, which is another thing that is feared and ridiculed in our society.

This means that most INFJ and INFP people grow up in a situation where our intuitive gifts are not valued, and they are definitely not encouraged. Instead, we are taught to ignore or suppress our intuition, and to discount our natural creative style, and our intuitive gifts. So, we end up as adults who feel cut off from our own creativity, who struggle with writing, and who have no idea how to use our natural intuitive talent to thrive.

I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m teaching an online class this May called Finding Your Writing Magic, all about the link between intuition and writing, and how to learn key intuitive tools that will help you tap into your greatest creative potential.

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I’ll see you soon with the next video in this series, all about how to tell the difference between the voice of fear and the voice of intuition!

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