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Jumpstarting Creativity

Announcing “Loving Meditations for Writers”

Many of you have joined my classes in the past and experienced the guided meditations I do before each silent writing session, and some of you have also joined me for my November programs, which are almost solely focused on silent writing, also with meditations.

I’ve heard from people for a while now that they would love to have access to the guided meditations I do, as they’ve found them helpful for opening up creativity, calming anxiety before they start writing, and blessing the creative space.

So, I decided to create a bundle of meditations for writers to use whenever they need a creative boost or on a daily basis to get into the writing flow. And they are now available! Continue Reading

Do You Need Help with Writing a Nonfiction Book? Don’t Miss This Weekend Workshop!

I work with many writers who dream of writing a nonfiction book that will help others. Some of these writers are passionate about personal growth, and some are focused on creativity and helping people be more creative in their everyday lives. Still others have been on a healing journey for a while now, and they want to share what they’ve learned so that others have an easier time of it along the way.

The hard part is that so many writers get derailed with these dreams because writing a nonfiction book can be really overwhelming. It’s confusing on knowing where to start, what to include (and how much), and how to identify the core theme of the book. This is because most writers who want to write a nonfiction book are also multipotentialites—which means they are creative people who are passionate about a lot of different topics. Continue Reading

3 Better Ways to Organize Your Story for Writers Who Are Pantsers (Instead of Using a Traditional Outline)

Some writers are plotters (which means they meticulously plot every detail of their novel before they write it), and others are pantsers (which means they plan nothing and fly by the seat of their pants), but what I’ve found after working with hundreds of writers is that most writers fall somewhere between the two. Identifying as a plotter or a pantser is not a black-and-white type of situation. Instead, there are many shades of gray in between.

Since my specialty is in coaching intuitive writers, I’ve had the unique experience of seeing lots and lots of writers who lean toward the pantser side of the spectrum figure out their process. And what I can tell you is that there are many different ways to approach pantsing, and it doesn’t all have to be in a way where you do zero planning. Continue Reading

Here’s One Quick Secret Writers Can Use to Conquer Self-Doubt Forever

Do you constantly compare yourself to other writers?

Do you set goals for yourself as a writer and then somehow fall short of them every time?

Do you start new writing practices full of enthusiasm, but then sooner or later you dread sticking with it?

If you’re like so many other writers out there, the answer to these questions is sadly, “yes.” And every time something like this happens to you, you end up in a pit of despair, right? You question yourself, your writing talent, and your ability to make your dreams happen. Continue Reading

Creatively Blocked? You May Be Trying to Use Your Creativity for the Wrong Reasons

Whenever I talk to a new client who’s come to me because they’re suffering the pain of blocked creativity, I start by drilling down into the values that motivate their creative life. In other words, the reason they want to be creative or have more creativity in their lives. Through this exercise with my clients, I’ve found that most of the time this remains a general, vague sort of idea to people who feel called to be writers or artists. We know we want to connect with our creativity on a deeper level, but when we examine why that is, we have a hard time coming up with answers. Continue Reading