Are INFJs Scared of Power?

Why is “power” such a loaded word for INFJ personality types? And why do INFJ personality types feel so uncomfortable having power, wielding power, or stepping into their own power? This is because power issues are quite common for INFJ personality types. One of the INFJ personality type’s biggest struggles in life is that they are terrified of their own power. The INFJ personality type must deal with this issue and face it head on, if they want to live their best life.

INFJ personality types and INFP personality types are two types that feel very uncomfortable with power. These two types tend to equate “power” with “authority” and “oppression,” and they have a hard time believing that they can be powerful, without it costing someone else something.

INFJ personality types also have another belief that acts as a huge block between them and their personal power, and that is their sense of personal responsibility. This is because one of the things INFJ personality types most struggle with in life is boundaries. This type often takes on everyone else’s stuff and feels like everyone else is their responsibility, including how other people feel, how other people react, and if there is harmony in the group, or in the world at large.

This results in the INFJ personality type already feeling like they have a crushing weight of responsibility on them, so when they think about stepping into their power, they immediately feel the fear of even more added responsibility.

I talk more about this in the video below:

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