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Why No One Understands INFJ and INFP Creativity

INFJ personality types and INFP personality types are two of the most highly creative types out of all the MBTI types. However, they are also the two types that suffer from the most self-doubt about their creativity. There is one very good reason INFJ personality types and INFP personality types struggle so much with self-doubt in this area, and that’s because no one understands INFJ and INFP creativity.

The truth is that INFJ personality types and INFP personality types are highly creative. Both types have no trouble coming up with new ideas, asking a lot of questions, wondering “why” and “what if,” and connecting seemingly unconnected things. These traits are all hallmarks of strong creativity. However, for most of their lives, whenever an INFJ or an INFP tries to share their creativity with others, they are told they are doing it the wrong way. Continue Reading

Are INFJs Scared of Power?

Why is “power” such a loaded word for INFJ personality types? And why do INFJ personality types feel so uncomfortable having power, wielding power, or stepping into their own power? This is because power issues are quite common for INFJ personality types. One of the INFJ personality type’s biggest struggles in life is that they are terrified of their own power. The INFJ personality type must deal with this issue and face it head on, if they want to live their best life.

INFJ personality types and INFP personality types are two types that feel very uncomfortable with power. These two types tend to equate “power” with “authority” and “oppression,” and they have a hard time believing that they can be powerful, without it costing someone else something. Continue Reading

Why INFJs Can’t Get What They Want Out of Life

One of the questions I hear the most often from INFJ personality types is:

How come I’m always dissatisfied?

Many INFJs feel like they are never content in life, and most of us blame ourselves. We believe it’s a problem with our own perspective, or an issue with us not being grateful enough for what we have. But this isn’t just a “you” problem, this is an INFJ problem.

For INFJ personality types, experiencing a high quality of life is very important. We’re not satisfied with just having a steady job that pays the bills, and sharing social connections with people just because we have a few superficial things in common. Continue Reading

The Problem of Success for INFJs and INFPs

INFJ and INFP personality types are two of the MBTI types that tend to have the most trouble feeling successful in life. It’s a problem that not many of us talk about, but almost all of us deal with at one time or another.

We might work a stressful, demanding job and not be paid very much, or we might always be taken advantage of at work. We might be passed over for promotions. We also have trouble feeling successful in our social lives. Many INFJ and INFP personality types feel like most of the people in our social circle don’t appreciate our quiet gifts. Continue Reading