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Why Intuitive Writing and Deadlines Don’t Go Together

About once a month, I’ll get an email from a reader who is struggling with writing and meeting deadlines. Usually, they’ve discovered my Intuitive Writing course and they’re extremely interested in learning how to connect more deeply with their intuition to feed their creative process. They like the way I describe how they can shift their relationship with writing from stress and pressure to adventure, fun, and ease. The only problem is, they don’t quite see how they can fit that in with their current writing life needs, which involve a lot of deadlines.

Much of the time these types of writers are screenplay writers who need to turn in projects by a certain date, and also need their scripts to meet a certain set of criteria. Sometimes they are freelance writers who are writing articles on topics assigned to them by a company or nonprofit. Occasionally, I even hear from ghostwriters who are writing something that is supposed to be in someone else’s voice, and they also have a firm deadline on when the work needs to be finished.

Nearly all of these writers who email me are tired, frustrated, and feeling defeated with their writing process. They tell me they feel blocked or stuck, and they’re just pushing themselves through the writing because they know there is a deadline and they have to get it done. But every time they sit down to work on the project, they feel like they would rather be anywhere else.


How to Conquer a Lack of Writing Motivation

Lack of writing motivation is one of the biggest silent killers of creativity. I say “silent” because so many writers don’t talk about this issue, and that’s because a lot of us feel deep shame when we can’t get motivated. It’s very common for writers to suffer from this problem and blame themselves, and it’s hard to reach out for help or find support when you’re in a shame spiral about a lack of motivation.

When most of us experience lack of motivation, we usually assume that we’re being “lazy.” Or that we’re not that creative and that inspiration is something we might never see again. However, this is absolutely not true. Lack of motivation is something we can rarely control, and without outside support, it can feel impossible to move past. Continue Reading