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New Anthology of Transgressive Fiction from Outcast Press!

Transgressive fiction is getting to be quite the buzz word for writers and lit nerds these days, and nobody does it better than Outcast Press. The description of their newest anthology, In Filth It Can Be Found, promises the best of the best:

In this volume, you’ll find 20 stories that explore the shadow side of humanity. These stories might disquiet, upset, or even enrage certain readers. Outcast Press doesn’t cater to such cries for censorship because we believe the best art isn’t comfortable or comforting. Reading isn’t a spectator sport. And since life doesn’t come with a trigger warning, neither should literature.

I’m honored that my story, The Harpy, is featured in this collection alongside other transgressive fiction greats like G.C. McKay and Greg Levin. According to one reviewer:

Regardless of your taste in genres, they’re all covered here. From horror to science-fiction to drama; the surreal, the gross out, the hilarious…There are nods to Edgar Allan Poe (the story from Stephen J. Golds) as well as Chuck Palahniuk (Sebastian Vice’s insane ode to pyromania). It’s good to see a large number of female writers also included, in fact they make up almost half of the stories here. Though it waves its transgressive flag high, the collection is accessible, entertaining and always maintains interest.

Whether you’re already an established transgressive fiction fan, or you’re just curious about how to get started reading in the genre, this anthology is a hidden gem you won’t want to miss. You can buy it on Amazon here:


And if you want to learn more about transgressive fiction in all its various forms, you can check out the Outcast Press website here:


I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as we enjoyed writing them!

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The Big Lie About Transgressive Fiction

Most writers in the mainstream writing scene today don’t know what transgressive fiction is, have never heard of it, or immediately think of it as something disgusting, twisted, or perverse. Even the writers who write transgressive fiction oftentimes don’t know what they’re writing, or that other people are writing it too, or that readers exist out there who would be interested in reading it.

Being a writer who writes transgressive fiction, or is even interested in exploring this kind of creative territory, can be a lonely road to travel. Because if you only scratch the surface of transgressive fiction it’s easy to get the idea that it’s filthy, or obscene or lewd, or that people just write it for shock value alone. It’s easy to see all the reviews on Goodreads from people who call it “trash” or “not even worthy of one star” and believe that it’s not worthy at all.

But that’s a big lie. Continue Reading