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Creativity and Self-Sabotage

INFJ personality types and INFP personality types both tend to struggle with self-sabotage in the creative process. Self-sabotage is an energy that is always driven by fear. For INFJ personality types and INFP personality types, the fear is often that if we experience a creative success, we will then be held to that higher standard for ever after. When we inevitably fail to meet that standard again in the future, we fear that others will be disappointed in us, withdraw their love, and then abandon us. Continue Reading

Why Are INFJs and INFPs So Self-Conscious About Their Creative Work?

INFJ personality types and INFP personality types are two types within the MBTI personality type system that tend to be the most self-conscious. The extreme degree of self-consciousness that these two types experience affects them deeply, and can often cause them to suppress their creative urges. This is because the act of being creative can feel like an invitation for others to attack and criticize their creative efforts, and the INFJ personality type and INFP personality type live in fear of being judged. Continue Reading

INFJ and INFP Depression

One of the biggest (yet also most hidden) causes of depression for INFJ personality types (and INFP personality types) is blocked creativity. Many INFJ personality types do not even realize that the reason they feel low-grade depression constantly throughout their life is because they have cut themselves off from a vital need of their personality, and that need is the call to be creative.

Creativity is an unstable energy by nature, and because of its instability it can feel difficult for INFJ personality types to trust it. An INFJ who has experienced trauma in their past will most likely have control issues, and they will feel very uncertain about allowing creativity into their lives because the energy of creativity cannot be predicted, and it cannot be controlled. Surrendering to their own creativity can feel scary, and the INFJ personality type also doesn’t want to get hurt. So, they mentally protect themselves from feeling out of control by suppressing their own creativity. Continue Reading

Why INFJs Have Trouble Writing


According to various sources on the internet, INFJs love to practice creative writing more than anything else. Now, I know that information found online can go either way on the spectrum of accuracy, but I’m inclined to agree with this statement. I’m an INFJ myself, and I actually have a couple other INFJ writer friends, so I bring some personal experience to this. But that’s not the only reason I feel this way. I also own a blog. And as the author of that blog I can see the search terms people use when they stumble across my posts. Every single day I get some form of “INFJ” paired with “trouble writing” or “difficulty writing” or “have a hard time writing.” Continue Reading