Step Into Your Power as a Writer (Stop Being Afraid to Promote Yourself!)

Although most writers are well aware that they struggle with a fear of failure, many writers don’t realize that they also harbor a fear of success. For a lot of writers, the thought of being a successful writer carries with it the assumption that they will have to promote themselves and their work in ways that make them uncomfortable.

This is understandable, because marketing can be scary. When you put yourself—or your work—out there in the world, you may experience rejection or negative comments, or you may just feel more exposed than you ever have before. This is why the thought of marketing makes most writers cringe.

On top of this, all of the marketing options that exist in today’s world can easily become totally overwhelming to a writer. If a writer wants to write a book that will help people and change the world in a positive way, they’re primarily interested in crafting their message and getting it to the people who need it. Marketing feels like something that gets in the way and distracts them from being able to do this important work, rather than as something that can help raise awareness about their book.

This results in writers feeling scared and inadequate, and like marketing is an impossible thing that they will never be able to learn how to do effectively. When it comes to marketing, what writers really need is help and support. I talk more about this in the video below:

I’ve worked with so many writers who feel a deep calling to write a nonfiction book that will help the world, and help people who are currently suffering, but who also struggle so much with the thought of marketing that it stops them in their tracks. That’s why I’ve created a new class called Write Publish Market Your Nonfiction Book, specifically for writers who need help at every stage of the game.

We’re going to be learning about writing, about publishing, and about marketing—specifically, how to break through marketing mindset blocks, how to make marketing simple and do-able, and how to get real results with your marketing. This is a great class for total beginners and those at the intermediate level who want to learn more about writing, publishing, and marketing.

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I’d love to see you in this class! Let’s make our 2023 writing dreams come true together!

Lauren Sapala is the author of The INFJ WriterThe INFJ Revolution, and the creator of Understanding Yourself as an INFJ Writer, an online video course for INFJ writers who struggle with traditional writing methods. You can get a free copy of her book on creative marketing for writers by signing up for her newsletter HERE.

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