Join Us for the Introvert Writer Summit! It’s FREE and Starts March 1…

I have exciting news today!

My good friend Jas Hothi and I have been hard at work for the past few months on organizing the Introvert Writer Summit. It’s an online event bringing together speakers like Joanna Penn, Janet Conner, Charlotte Eriksson, Matt Baer and others to explore writing, creativity, inspiration, getting your work out there, and of course, being an introvert.

The Introvert Writer Summit is a nine-day online event that will re-connect you with your own passion for writing, as well as offer a glimpse into the stories of writers who are successfully making their writing dreams come true.

In this summit, you’ll learn about: Continue Reading

Announcing “Loving Meditations for Writers”

Many of you have joined my classes in the past and experienced the guided meditations I do before each silent writing session, and some of you have also joined me for my November programs, which are almost solely focused on silent writing, also with meditations.

I’ve heard from people for a while now that they would love to have access to the guided meditations I do, as they’ve found them helpful for opening up creativity, calming anxiety before they start writing, and blessing the creative space.

So, I decided to create a bundle of meditations for writers to use whenever they need a creative boost or on a daily basis to get into the writing flow. And they are now available! Continue Reading

Nonfiction Writing for Highly Sensitive Creatives Workshop Starts Saturday!

A few days ago, I posted about my new workshop coming up this weekend for nonfiction writers (Do You Need Help with Writing a Nonfiction Book? Don’t Miss This Weekend Workshop!) and I heard from so many people that not only are they struggling with writing the book itself, but they’re also nervous and worried about actually getting their book out there into the world once it’s finished.

These messages couldn’t come with more perfect timing, because that’s exactly what we’re going to be focusing on during the second part of my nonfiction workshop: how to launch your book out into the world in a way that is authentic and feels good to you AND also helps your readers find you at the same time.

This is by far one of the most difficult parts of the journey for nonfiction writers. Marketing anything tends to make Highly Sensitive creative people feel uneasy, and when it’s our own book, the fear and stress are only amplified. Continue Reading

Do You Need Help with Writing a Nonfiction Book? Don’t Miss This Weekend Workshop!

I work with many writers who dream of writing a nonfiction book that will help others. Some of these writers are passionate about personal growth, and some are focused on creativity and helping people be more creative in their everyday lives. Still others have been on a healing journey for a while now, and they want to share what they’ve learned so that others have an easier time of it along the way.

The hard part is that so many writers get derailed with these dreams because writing a nonfiction book can be really overwhelming. It’s confusing on knowing where to start, what to include (and how much), and how to identify the core theme of the book. This is because most writers who want to write a nonfiction book are also multipotentialites—which means they are creative people who are passionate about a lot of different topics. Continue Reading

Do You Feel Like Your Inner Writer Is Trapped Inside You? It’s Time to Look at the Uncomfortable Truth.

Writer’s block comes in many forms, but perhaps one of the hardest to deal with is that feeling that you can’t seem to say what you really want to say. You feel like there is a writer inside of you—the true writer that comes from the true you—but every time you sit down to write you end up writing something that feels like it’s just trying to get approval from others, instead of actually express the truth of what’s going on inside you. Continue Reading