INFP Writers and the Constant Struggle to Focus

The INFP writers I work with report one big problem to me: they can’t stick with one creative project. INFP writers will frequently get a really great idea, start the story, and then a week or two later they find that they’ve lost interest. Then they try to double down on their efforts to stick with it and force themselves through it. But it doesn’t work. They not only end up feeling like they killed off what little interest in the story they still had, but they also feel guilty and ashamed because they “failed” again.

They couldn’t stick with a project to the very end.

However, what most INFP writers don’t know is that it’s not a lack of willpower that’s the problem. The real problem is resulting from the fact that they’re trying to get themselves to work in a way that isn’t natural or right for them. They’re trying to force themselves to follow the mainstream methods for learning and creating that they’ve always been taught to follow. But what no one ever told them is that those mainstream methods absolutely do not work for INFP personality types. Continue Reading

Are You a Writer Who Can’t Finish Anything? The 3 Surprising Reasons You Abandon Projects.

As a writing coach who has worked with hundreds of writers over the past decade, I’ve found that most of the writers who come to me have the same types of problems, and one of the biggest struggles they deal with is finishing anything.

This type of writer always tells me the same thing:

“I get really excited in the beginning of the project, and then the excitement dies.”

“I was off to a strong start and wrote a lot, but now I have no idea where the story is going and it feels like a chore to figure it out.”

I feel a deep sense of shame about the fact that I haven’t finished anything. This must mean I’m not a real writer, or not a very good writer.”

This type of writer also tends to feel isolated and alone in their struggle. They constantly compare themselves to other writers who seem to be thriving, creating, and most importantly, producing.

I love it when I get a new client like this, because I immediately know where to start. And once I reveal what’s really going on, the writer experiences this immense feeling of relief. They finally understand that they are NOT wrong as a writer. They are just using the wrong type of writing method for them. Continue Reading

Can INFJ and INFP Personality Types Ever Truly Be Happy?

In almost a decade of working with INFJ and INFP personality types, the biggest thing I’ve noticed about both INFJs and INFPs is that we tend to be unhappy. Whether it’s because we feel misunderstood by everyone around us, or we feel disconnected from our own true selves, life is not easy for people who are Highly Sensitive and highly intuitive.

This is also one of the most common questions I get from INFJs and INFPs: Can I ever be truly happy? Because we’ve had so much trouble fitting in with our family, friends, and mainstream society in the past, there is a part of us that doubts that we’ll ever be able to find our rhythm with life and move into a place where we feel valued for our natural gifts.

But no matter how much you doubt that you can shift your own personal reality into a place of greater joy and happiness, let me tell you, it IS possible. I’ve worked with hundreds of INFJ and INFP people and I’ve seen how things change after we learn a few core concepts and integrate these practices into our everyday lives.

I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m launching a new video course called AWAKEN in just a couple of days, and the course will be covering the core concepts I mention in the video above, as well as diving deep into strategies that actually help intuitive people step into their power and upgrade their lives.

Update: the AWAKEN Video course is now available! You can find details and purchase it here:

AWAKEN Video Course

2 Big Ways INFJs and INFPs Give Their Power Away

If you’re a Highly Sensitive intuitive person, you are probably very familiar with that feeling of being invisible, feeling unseen, unheard, and generally disconnected from most people around you.

You’re also probably familiar with feeling like you don’t often get what you want in life, and you may have blamed this on being not competitive enough, not aggressive enough, or not extroverted enough to go after what you really want.

The thing most intuitive introverts miss though, is that it’s not about being aggressive. It’s about the subtle signals we put out to other people (especially when we first meet them) that lead us into giving our power away to others on a constant basis. Most of these signals are unconscious, and we’re totally unaware that we use them as our default mode, so the same patterns keep happening with people. And we keep feeling unseen, unheard, and invisible, again and again, and again.

In the video below, I talk about the 2 big ways that INFJ and INFP people tend to give our power away to others from the very first interaction we have with them:

I’m launching a new video course in just a few days called AWAKEN, and it’s designed specifically for empaths and intuitives who are ready to upgrade their reality and move into a new life of joy, abundance, and deep, nourishing happiness.

Update: the AWAKEN Video course is now available! You can find details and purchase it here:

AWAKEN Video Course

Highly Sensitive and Stressed? This Is the Leading Cause of Burnout for INFJ and INFP Personalities

Over the past ten years, I’ve worked with hundreds of Highly Sensitive empaths who routinely hit the burnout wall. The people who come to me are tired, drained, stressed, and overall unhappy. They feel totally alone.

This is because so many INFJ and INFP personality types are constantly drained by their relationships, as well as interaction with the world around them. Even if you love your friends and family, you still can’t escape the fact that you tend to give more than you receive in most relationships, and this leads so many of us into depression and constant anxiety.

Not only have I been there myself, but because I’ve worked with so many INFJ and INFP people over so many years, I know the patterns. I know what works, and what doesn’t work, when you’re trying to shift your life from unhappiness and stress to a better place of joy and fulfillment.

The key thing that so many people miss is that it’s not about changing yourself or your personality, it’s about changing your energy. I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m launching a new video course next week called AWAKEN and it’s for all empaths and introverted intuitive people who are struggling with self-esteem and self-worth, feeling like an alien in an overly aggressive world, and who want to lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

Update: the AWAKEN Video course is now available! You can find details and purchase it here:

AWAKEN Video Course