Afraid to Start Writing Your Memoir? Here’s How to Push Past the Fear.

Even if you’ve been dreaming of writing your memoir for years, it’s very common to sit down to actually start doing it and feel immediately paralyzed and not able to move forward. This is a very specific, very strong form of writer’s block that often hits writers right when they’ve decided to finally take the plunge and begin writing their memoir. It also tends to happen to writers who have already started their memoir, and then they get into the middle of the first draft and don’t know how to keep going.

Symptoms of this kind of resistance show up as feeling paralyzed or frozen. It also shows up as feeling completely confused about how you’re ever going to pull all the pieces together, finish the book, or make it into anything worthwhile.

When this feeling of paralysis comes over you, it’s a sure sign that your system is overwhelmed. And when we go into overwhelm, we shut down and our creative energy goes into hiding.

There is a very good reason this is happening, but it’s a reason most writers overlook. I talk more about this reason and how you can get past it in the video below:

I’m teaching a new class in June called Memoir Writing for Everyone, and we’re going to be learning strategies and tools to deal with the feelings of fear and overwhelm so many writers experience with writing memoir. We’re also going to be diving deep into issues of craft, structure, organization, editing—and the fear of judgment so many writers experience when they think about putting their memoir out into the world.

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I’m really excited for this class because reading and writing memoir is something I have been passionate about for years. I hope you’ll join us!

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