Writer for Real



Writer for Real is an online silent writing program for writers who are looking for accountability and group support to get their writing done. We’ll be meeting three times a week for one hour over Zoom to come together as a group and write silently. Each silent writing session begins with a brief guided meditation/visualization before each session to get the energy flowing and open the space.


Writers are encouraged to use the silent writing sessions in whatever way works for them. There is no attendance required, and writers can come and go as they please. The goal of this program is to give writers a flexible, safe space to help them show up for themselves and their writing.



The schedule of silent writing sessions in November is as follows:


USA 4:00pm PST / UK 12:00am / Australia 9:00am


USA 1:00pm PST / UK 9:00pm / Australia 6:00am


USA 1:00pm PST / UK 9:00pm / Australia 6:00am


USA 10:00am PST / UK 6:00pm / Australia 3:00am


Each silent writing session is held over Zoom, so you can attend from anywhere in the world. The session begins with a relaxing guided meditation/visualization for writers, and then class members sit and write together virtually.

Everyone is welcome to come and go as they please. (Everyone’s microphone will be off, so no one will notice if you come late or leave early. You can also leave your camera off if that feels more comfortable to you.) Time is called at the end so you know when to stop writing.




A private Facebook group is available to all program members. The Facebook group will stay open and active even after class has officially ended, functioning as a supportive sounding board for all members who are interested in continuing relationships within the group.

Registration for this program has closed.