Why INFJs Hide Their True Selves from the World

INFJ personality types are known for being chameleons. Part of this is our strong extraverted feeling function, which allows us to immediately pick up on the emotions and moods of others, and then mirror their emotional state back to them. This is obviously why INFJs make such great counselors and are able to easily help others untangle personal problems. However, another reason we tend to “chameleonize” ourselves when we’re around other people is due to fear.

Because most INFJs are conditioned from a young age to shut down our own intuition, we usually have a hard time trusting other people. Sometimes we don’t know if we can trust our initial intuitive impression of the person, and sometimes we have trauma from the past around relationships. Both of these reasons result in many INFJs changing their outer social mask based on what type of person they’re around at the moment, just like a chameleon.

I talk more about this, and the damaging effect it can have on INFJs, in the video below:

I’m launching a brand-new video course this December called Energy and Intuition for INFJs, and it’s going to cover specific emotional issues like these for INFJs, and so much more. This course is based on the highly popular online class I taught this past autumn, also called Energy and Intuition for INFJs. I witnessed so many breakthroughs from students in that class, and saw firsthand how life-changing the content was for people, that I knew I had to put together a video course to make it accessible to any INFJ who is in need of it.

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I’m really excited about this new course because I know so many INFJs are still struggling with being an INFJ. This new course is something that will definitely help with that.

Lauren Sapala is the author of The INFJ WriterThe INFJ Revolution, and the creator of Understanding Yourself as an INFJ Writer, an online video course for INFJ writers who struggle with traditional writing methods. You can get a free copy of her book on creative marketing for writers by signing up for her newsletter HERE.

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