The INFJ Psychic Bond with Romantic Partners

When an INFJ or an INFP falls in love with someone and forms an intense intimate bond with them (whether or not they’re in an official relationship), we start picking up on their energy, and it’s not long before it seems that a telepathic connection forms and we’re receiving all sorts of thoughts, feelings, fears, desires, and pain in a whole package of the other person’s energy.

Some INFJs and INFPs have reported to me that, after falling in love with someone:

They sometimes get the other person’s thoughts in their head.

They seem to know exactly what the other person is feeling, and even where they are and what they are doing.

They get intuitive information regarding deeply buried parts of the other person’s past and psyche.

They feel like they’re going crazy because they are “saturated” with the other person 24-7 and ricocheting between euphoria, frustration, and exhaustion.

A lot of us assume we’re making all of this up because we want to feel closer to the person.

However, rest assured, you are not making it up.

It really is happening.

This is called a psychic bond and it happens very easily between INFJs and INFPs and the people they fall in love with. It’s the INFJ/INFP natural empathic and psychic ability kicked up a few notches—or a whole lot of notches.

This is because INFJs and INFPs are natural healers, and when we fall in love with someone, the first thing we do—because we love them so much—is to look for ways we can be of service to them through our healing abilities. And, we also tend to be attracted to people with wounds, so there are lots of opportunities for healing. It can also cause a lot of problems.

I talk more in depth about what happens when INFJs and INFPs fall in love with someone in the video below:

I’m going to be talking about these problems—and how to handle them—and a lot more on the topic of what happens when INFJs and INFPs fall in love in a weekend workshop I’m teaching that’s coming up on March 18. It’s called INFJs and INFPs in love, and it’s a live workshop but will also be recorded for those who can’t make it live.

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