The Biggest Lie Fiction Writers Tell Themselves to Self-Sabotage Their Writing Goals

Both writers of fiction and nonfiction run into roadblocks with their writing, that’s not surprising. However, there is a very specific block that seems to especially plague fiction writers. Usually, it happens before the writer has even started writing their story, but it’s also very common for this to occur once the writer is about one third or halfway through the project.

This writing block is rooted in a lie that the writer tells themselves that they don’t even know is a lie—and they don’t know it’s a lie because so many mainstream writing guides and sources of writing advice online tell them that they have to do this same thing too. So, when they can’t do it, or they run into severe difficulties with it, they immediately blame themselves and go into creative shut-down.

I talk more in-depth about this big lie in the video below, and how writers can move past it:

This video is the second in a mini-series of videos I’m doing to launch my new class: Fiction Writing for Highly Sensitive Creatives. We’re going to be covering things like character development and getting your writing out into the world, and also how to connect with your story from an intuitive place, rather than an “overthinking-and-driving-myself-crazy” place.

The first day of class is Monday January 17, so if this sounds like something you need right now, make sure you sign up for my newsletter HERE to get all the updates and announcements about the class, and if you have any questions you can contact me here.

I’ll see you soon with the third and final video in the series!

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