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Join Us for the Introvert Writer Summit! It’s FREE and Starts March 1…

I have exciting news today!

My good friend Jas Hothi and I have been hard at work for the past few months on organizing the Introvert Writer Summit. It’s an online event bringing together speakers like Joanna Penn, Janet Conner, Charlotte Eriksson, Matt Baer and others to explore writing, creativity, inspiration, getting your work out there, and of course, being an introvert.

The Introvert Writer Summit is a nine-day online event that will re-connect you with your own passion for writing, as well as offer a glimpse into the stories of writers who are successfully making their writing dreams come true.

In this summit, you’ll learn about: Continue Reading

The Only 3 Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Need as a Writer

The biggest weak spot for most writers is marketing. Some writers hate all marketing activities, as they feel it’s just precious time taken away from their writing practice, and others are open to marketing but feel overwhelmed by all the advice on different marketing strategies to be found these days.

However, whether you’re a seasoned author or a total newbie who’s in the very beginning stages of building your writer platform, there are three things you can start doing right now that should be the cornerstones of your marketing method as a writer. Continue Reading