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Intuitive Coaching Video Course Is Now Available!

The Intuitive Coaching course package is now available for purchase. You can get it here:


The price is $99.00 for the next five days (until October 6). After that it goes up to $149.00, so grab it at the lower price while you can.

I’m still taking questions about the course too, so if you have any, please send them to

And thank you everyone for your support, I truly appreciate it!

How Can I Feel Confident as a Coach Before I Start Coaching People?

I started coaching people over seven years ago, but I had wanted to start coaching people long before that. I read about coaching and thought about coaching and asked a few close friends if they thought I would be a good coach. I was running an in-person writing group at the time, and I knew I was already effectively coaching people one-on-one, within the group. I could see the evidence all around me. I had a passion for this dream and feedback from others that I would be good at doing it professionally.

But still, it was a few more years before I actually did it.

What held me back for so long? Continue Reading

I Want to Start Coaching, but I’m Scared People Will Think I Suck…

The fear of people hating your coaching style, or thinking you suck as a coach, is something that plagues many INFJs and INFPs who are thinking of launching a coaching business. In fact, this fear still has the power to haunt us even after we start working with our first few clients. I had this fear in the beginning too. What if I got on the phone with someone, gave it my all, and then at the end they told me they didn’t have a good experience? Or what if they didn’t say anything, but they never contacted me again? I didn’t want to end up ghosted, or feeling rejected. I just wanted to help people, and also work for myself. Did a possible solution to this fear even exist?

In the beginning, I made the same mistake many new coaches make. I assumed that I needed to become more confident and then this fear would go away. But it wasn’t until I had been coaching for a few years that I found the real solution. It wasn’t about me pushing myself to embody a false confidence that I didn’t really feel. Instead, to get past this fear, I needed to change my thinking about getting clients, and keeping clients. Continue Reading