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Feeling Fear About the Future? Here’s What INFJs and INFPs Need to Know.

In my last article, I talked about the “cocoon phase” for introverts, and how to know if you’re in one right now. Over the past few years—and especially the past few months—I’ve seen a definite pattern with my clients and students and the theme of life transition.

Since the pandemic, many of us INFJs and INFPs are coming out of a long period of reflection, and an intense amount of upheaval. Some of us have lost jobs or quit jobs, some of us have ended long-term relationships, or decided to seek a partner after a long time of being on our own. And some of us have picked up and moved to a different city, state, or a different country altogether, or we’re considering such a move right now.

These kinds of life transitions are common for intuitive introverts who are ready to open a new chapter in their life, and this can all be very exciting. However, it can be very scary, too. What usually happens when you begin making big life transitions is that you feel enthusiastic at first, and then you get hit with a big wall of fear. Continue Reading