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Misunderstood: How Shame and Self-Doubt Cripple INFP Writers

Violet DancerAlmost all of my clients are either INFP or INFJ writers. Each group has its own strong pattern of strengths and obstacles in writing. Each type has its own particular brand of stress that can paralyze the writing process. Through my work with INFPs, I’ve observed three major stressors that shut them down and freeze the creative muscle. Continue Reading

Why INFJs and INFPs Have Such a Hard Time with Criticism

SAMSUNGI took a creative writing class in college that was made up of 25 writers. Each week a couple of us passed out a chapter of our work to everyone else. The next week we took turns getting feedback.

“Feedback” meant 24 other people sitting and staring at you and telling you about all of the problems they found in your writing.

I hated that class so much.

Whenever it was my turn my stomach dropped, I started sweating, my throat locked up, and I wanted to crawl under the table. Continue Reading