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INFJ Wrath: When the Rabbit Turns into the Cobra

To the outside world, INFJ personality types are usually seen as one of the most warm and caring types. Even if the INFJ in question is very introverted, we will most often still display a very compassionate and accepting nature. We are known for being able to see all sides of a situation—and many times, all aspects of a person—and so we tend to be great mediators, and experts when it comes to human nature.

INFJs also usually know this about themselves—even if they aren’t familiar with the MBTI personality system and they have no idea what type they are. An INFJ doesn’t need to know their exact personality classification to have picked up on the fact that they can understand people at a deeper level than most others can. The warm, caring side of the INFJ is no mystery to the INFJ who is experiencing it. To us, it’s just how we are.

However, there is another side to the INFJ that is much more confusing, to INFJs themselves, and to others. Continue Reading