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Why It Can Be So Painful to Be an INFJ

For people who are INFJ personality types, regular life can be hard. Usually, when we’re growing up and still figuring ourselves out as young adults, we assume that life is so hard because there is something wrong with us. INFJs are extremely observant, and it’s easy for us to see all the many ways in which we don’t fit in with the groups around us. What is much more confusing though, is why we don’t fit in.

This leads most INFJ personality types to feel alone, misunderstood, rejected, or weird (and not in a good way). These negative feelings are only compounded by the fact that we are easily able to understand the personalities of others. We can quickly grasp the psychological motivations of other people, what makes them tick and why they do the things they do. Again though, we are painfully aware that other people do not grasp these things about us.

The lack of understanding from other people is also not the only thing that makes us feel so alone in the world. Most INFJs are an enigma even to themselves and this also causes us emotional pain. I talk more in-depth about this in the video below:

I’m teaching a new class this September called Energy and Intuition for INFJs and I’m going to be covering topics like these, and so much more. We’re going to be learning about the INFJ emotional system (and INFJ emotional stumbling blocks), self-image and self-worth, relationships, creativity, and finding your life purpose as an INFJ. If this sounds like something you need right now, be sure to sign up for my newsletter HERE to get all the updates.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests from people to teach a class like this for a long time, so I’m pretty excited to dive into this topic. So many INFJs needlessly suffer because they don’t fully understand how they work as a personality, or how they fit into the world. I’m creating this new class to help specifically with those very issues, so I think it will be a turning point for a lot of people.

If you have any questions at all, please send them to me here. And stay tuned for the next video in this series on “How to Unblock Your INFJ Intuition.”

Lauren Sapala is the author of The INFJ Writer and The INFJ Revolution. You can get a free copy of her book on creative marketing for writers by signing up for her newsletter HERE.