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Codependency and Creativity

INFJ personality types and INFP personality types tend to struggle severely with codependency throughout life. This can be extremely detrimental to our creative lives because codependency is a major block to creativity.

When we are in a codependent relationship with someone, we often will hold ourselves back from doing anything that is threatening to the other person. We will accommodate the other person’s preferences and desires over our own needs, and end up betraying ourselves over and over again. Creativity requires us to take risks, and often these risks can be threatening to other people, especially someone who might be the other half of our codependent relationship. Continue Reading

Why Do INFJs Always Play the “Medic” in Relationships?

INFJ personality types and INFP personality types are known for being natural healers. Both types possess strong empathy, compassion, and easily attune to the moods and needs of others. Because we have a temperament that is so naturally suited to healing work, we tend to attract people with wounds, and to be attracted to people with wounds. Usually, the more severe and unhealed the wound is, the more strongly we will be attracted to that person. Continue Reading