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Empaths as the Constant Counselor

Most empaths are dissatisfied with their friend relationships. It’s not that we have problems making friends, although we might have issues with trusting people. The real problem we have in our friend relationships is that most of these relationships are one-sided. Continue Reading

Empaths and Chronic Fatigue

One of the main problems empaths suffer from is exhaustion, and because of this constant fatigue a lot of us live in a state of semi-seclusion. This goes beyond being an introvert and needing time to recharge. It’s more like living in hermit mode, all the time.

Some empaths also try to push through whenever they feel drained and keep working or socializing, because they feel that’s what is expected of them. This brings on a state of chronic stress and fatigue, and the empath feels like they never have the time or space to fully recharge. Social situations, other people, and demanding jobs drain empaths quickly, and this is extremely frustrating for empaths. Many of us feel like we can’t lead a normal life. Continue Reading

What Empaths Need to Know About Anger

Anger is a hard emotion for empaths, and it’s an emotion that we tend to shy away from. Most empaths don’t feel comfortable being angry or expressing anger, and there are a few different reasons for this. Many of us were taught in childhood that we’re not allowed to be angry, or that it’s not appropriate to ever display anger in any way. Some of us were shamed for expressing anger, or were told that it’s “not nice” to be angry at someone, or grew up in a household where religious beliefs forced us into immediately turning the other cheek, sometimes mere moments after someone hurt us, and well before we were ready to even entertain the idea of forgiveness.

Anger is also a difficult emotion for empaths to handle because it can feel so overwhelming. Empaths have highly sensitive nervous systems and so a sudden rush of anger can feel overwhelming, disorienting, and even make us feel physically ill. We may experience dizziness or shortness of breath or vision problems, such as “seeing spots” or experiencing blurred vision. Empaths also usually have a long history of picking up on the anger of others, and so, if we’re around someone who has an angry outburst (or many of them, regularly) we may question if the anger we’re feeling actually belongs to us or not. Continue Reading