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3 BIG Signs You Can Trust Your Intuition

Since most of my clients are either an INFJ personality type or an INFP personality type (and every single one of them is an empath) I often get questions from them about intuition. They want to know how they can access their intuition, how they can increase it, and how they can understand it better. Because even though these types are born naturally intuitive, we live in a society that does not encourage intuition, or intuitive types. Our surrounding culture is almost solely focused on figuring things out through rational thought, i.e., thinking and problem-solving.

Intuition does not work in this way. It’s not like brainstorming. It’s not a conscious mind activity, although you can use the conscious mind to get yourself more comfortable with it. Something else that greatly helps is knowing what you’re looking for. If you have some idea of the clear signs that accompany intuition then you can more fully relax into receiving it. Continue Reading

The Best Method to Develop Intuition

In my last article, How to Actually Listen to Your Intuition, I talked about how anxiety gets in the way of us listening to our intuition, because when we’re anxious we’re coming from an emotionally reactive place and so we make decisions based on those emotions and reactivity.

These decisions soothe us in the short term because they take away the anxiety for the moment. When we’re freaked out and constantly in an emotionally reactive state, that’s all that seems important. But this blocks you from accessing your intuition and working with the messages it’s trying to send you. Continue Reading