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Thoughts on the Soviet Union, Self-Publishing, and Creative Stagnation

I’ve been reading a book on modern Russian history, covering the years 1917 until the present. I had known that writers in the Soviet Union functioned under severe repression, but I hadn’t known how extreme it really was or that it lasted for almost six decades. The writers and intellectuals of this time used a phrase amongst themselves, “writing for the desk drawer,” to describe the common knowledge that it was useless to try to publish one’s work because any writer with a dissident view would be censored, if not punished. “Writing for the desk drawer” hit home for me big time, because I know so many writers today—in free countries—who are still carrying on the practice. Continue Reading

Why I Stopped Writing for Seven Years

The Jack ThinkerDuring my senior year of college I took my last creative writing class. At the end of the semester I met with my professor for a final conference on my progress. At that time she told me that she recommended I pursue something else. I wasn’t cut out for writing, she said. Continue Reading