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Tired of Your Life? Take Your Creative Power Back

Lately, I’ve been hearing from a lot of clients and students that they feel tired of their lives. This isn’t surprising, as we’ve all been in a big energetic cycle of releasing the past for a long while now. Releasing the old is always a good practice, as it helps us move into the new. But a problem that comes along with this process is not always knowing exactly what new thing you want to move into in the future.

Most of us would love to move into a new life full of freedom and creativity. We want to finally start (or finish) the book we’ve been dreaming of releasing into the world for so long, or we want to paint, draw, make music, or create something else of beauty in order to share it with a wider audience.

However, once we start thinking about making these creative dreams come true, we instantly feel afraid, even terrified. Continue Reading

The Despair of Being Creatively Blocked (and How to Pull Yourself Out of It)

If you’re a highly creative person then chances are you’ve gone through periods in your life when you felt creatively stifled. Maybe you had a brutal work schedule or you were caught up in a bad relationship and your head wasn’t where it needed to be to make good art. Or maybe you had critical parents and you just never had the self-confidence to put your work out into the world. But no matter what the reason, all of us at one time or another have wished we could bring more creativity into our lives, and then we’ve gotten blocked on how to make that dream a reality.

Why is this? Why is it so hard to tap into our own creativity and make it work for us? Continue Reading