Is It Realistic to Follow Your Creative Calling?

In my last two articles, I talked about the cocoon phase for introverts, and the big wall of fear most people experience when they come out of the cocoon. This is very normal for intuitive introverts who are going through big life transitions, and it’s actually a sign of good things to come. Because after the cocoon phase and the wall of fear, many people begin to feel the first deep stirrings of their creative calling in life.

This first awakening of a creative calling usually either shows up as a sudden epiphany, or a reconnection with a dream the person had long ago. For some people, they suddenly know that they need to start writing their memoir, or they need to finish writing their novel. For others, they might realize that they want to launch their own creative business and/or become an online solopreneur. Callings are as varied and diverse as the amount of humans on the planet, so whatever your creative calling is, it will be unique to you.

It can be very difficult to navigate this timeframe when you’re beginning to realize that you must follow your calling, but you’re still not entirely sure how to do that. I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m teaching a 3-week online class starting April 25 called Soul Shift and we’re going to be covering this topic of creative calling—and how to follow it—in detail. We’re also going to be talking about identity (what happens when yours begins to shift), relationships (how to negotiate all the changes that come with your relationships with others when you move into a new life chapter), and health and wealth (how to fully embrace both).

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I really hope I see you in this class! We’re going to have a lot of fun together.

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