INFJs and Money Problems

Money can be a challenging topic for INFJ and INFP personality types. Many introverted intuitive personality types suffer from money ambivalence, which means they experience conflicting thoughts about money. INFJs and INFPs do need and want money, just like anyone else, but we don’t usually want money in order to acquire more material things. Instead, we want money because we want increased freedom. We want the resources to pursue the rich experiences that help us thrive in life.

For INFJs and INFPs, the ambivalence we feel around money comes from the fact that so many of us have money shame. Managing money is often not a skill that comes to us naturally. On top of this, we also are drawn to many activities in life that we’ve been told will not make money, or are not practical enough to give us income on which we can support ourselves. So, even though we want money because we want increased freedom in life, we also avoid the topic of money, because it makes us feel badly about ourselves and it brings up old memories from the past when we were told that whatever it was we wanted to do in life wasn’t going to make money.

I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m teaching a new class called “Leveling Up Your Life 101” starting on Wednesday, Jan 31, and money is one of the big topics we’re going to be learning about. This is a great class for INFJ and INFP personality types who have always struggled with money and how they feel about it, and who have also struggled with following a traditional career path or finding happiness in a mainstream job.

In addition to the three regular teaching sessions for this class, I’m also adding a “visualization for manifestation” session as a bonus. I’m excited for this bonus session because I think it’s a great way for us to visualize what we want to bring into our lives, and then put that in writing as a way to activate those intentions.

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I’ll see you soon with the next video in this series: Why INFJs Never Feel Seen.

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