INFJs and INFPs Are Not Weird. We’re Neurodiverse.

A common theme for people of the INFJ personality type and INFP personality type is to feel like most of life is a struggle. INFJs and INFPs tend to experience conflict around writing and creativity, and also usually have a hard time finding the connection to their life purpose, their truth, and their place in the world.

Most of us feel alienated, alone, and like there is no place for us. But this is what most INFJs and INFPs don’t know:

YOU are not the problem. You are a neurodiverse creative.

What that means is that:

You don’t think like most other people.

You don’t feel like most other people.

You don’t see reality like most other people.

You don’t experience life like most other people.

This is what’s really going on when a person who is an INFJ or INFP is struggling so much with life. Most INFJs and INFPs try to force themselves into the box society says is “good” and “right” even though it doesn’t fit, because that’s all we’ve ever been taught, and no one has given us the knowledge or the tools to live life in a way that would actually flow with our neurodiversity, not against it.

When we try to fit into the “normal” box that society provides, we end up:

Feeling cut off from our own intuition.

Feeling cut off from our own creativity.

Trying to use mainstream tools and methods that DON’T work for us and make us feel horrible about ourselves.

The most important thing anyone who is an INFJ or an INFP with a neurodiverse temperament can know is that there is a huge difference between the type of creativity that mainstream society teaches us to use (and rewards us for using) and the type of creativity that comes naturally to INFJ and INFP people.

I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m teaching a new class, starting on February 16, called Creative Consciousness for INFJ and INFP Writers. In this class we’ll be learning:

How to access creativity based on direct personal experience (rather than pre-fabricated formulas).

How to use your natural intuitive abilities (like ESP) to connect with stories and characters.

How to reignite your intuition to get guidance on life choices and direction.

As you can see from the above, this is NOT just a writing class—although we will be learning about writing and using writing as a tool in the class to unearth our own hidden truths. This is a class about writing, creativity, and LIFE.

I’ll be opening registration for the class this Saturday, Feb 11. To make sure you get all the notifications, SIGN UP for my newsletter list here. And also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel here to get more videos on INFJs, INFPs, intuition, creativity, and more. You can send any questions here.

My classes for INFJs and INFPs are a lot of fun, and I’m always surprised at how many INF people make connections with each other in the group. It always feels like a healing, safe space where we can all come together, be ourselves, and learn together. I hope I see you there!

Lauren Sapala is the author of The INFJ WriterThe INFJ Revolution, and the creator of Energy and Intuition for INFJs, an online course for INFJs on intuition, relationships, creativity, and more. She is also currently offering a free copy of her book Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers to anyone who signs up for her newsletter. SIGN UP HERE to get your free copy.

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