How to Write Without Triggering Your Writer’s Block

In my last article, How Your Brain Sabotages Your Writing Process (and What to Do About It), I talked about how writers with trauma around creativity and self-expression are often taken down during the writing process because their nervous system gets freaked out when they sit down to write.

When the nervous system gets freaked out, it sends danger signals to the brain warning that the creative process needs to be shut down immediately. The brain then sees any creative effort the writer is making as an imminent threat in the vicinity and takes action to stop the writer from writing, usually through some insidious form of writer’s block (freezing, paralysis, distraction, sleepiness, etc.).

The big question most writers have when they discover this is what’s going on with them and why they have so many problems writing is: How do I make my nervous system stop doing that?

The answer is simpler than you might think. It comes down to repairing the relationship your nervous system has with the writing process, and rebuilding trust. In order to rebuild trust with our nervous system, it’s essential to create a safe space or container for our writing both during AND after the writing process.

I talk more about this in the video below:

I’m opening up a new live class that starts March 7. It’s called Healing the Writer Within, and we’ll be learning strategies exactly like this to heal the places inside of us that have experienced deep trauma and are now blocking us from our creativity, and from moving forward with our writing.

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I’ve been getting so many emails and messages from people letting me know that this is exactly what they need right now, and they’re just so glad this is all coming together in right timing, because they know they can’t do this alone. If this is you, be sure you don’t miss out on joining the class.

I’ll see you all tomorrow when I open the doors for registration!

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